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Street Guerilla Promotions is a high profile, high impact, alternative marketing company. We design, produce and manage innovative promotional campaigns in the heart of New York City, throughout the United States and around the world.

Our promotional campaigns attract public attention, direct pedestrian traffic, distribute coupons and promotional items, appear in national media, increase sales and exceed expectations!

Street Guerilla makes effective use of models, dancers, colorful personalities, branded jumpsuits, picket signs, sandwich boards, pre-constructed booths and branded vehicles.

Here are a dozen examples of our work...

  1)  Dunkin Donuts
2)  Sobe Energy Coolata
3)  Burger King
4)  Bodog Fight
5)  Mentadent
6)  Fred Natural Spring Water
 7)   Gap Adventures
 8)   ASPCA
 9)   Disney's "Pirates of the Carribean"
10)  iClips
11)  Steve Madden Stores
12)  Living Beyond Belief

NextNext Contact us now to explore what we can do for you. Our direct, point of contact with consumers, convention participants and pedestrians can deliver your message without burning through your budget.

Street Guerilla Promotions

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