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Street Guerilla and iClips in London

iClips wanted to secure more business-to-business relationships and increase traffic to its streaming video website.

Street Guerilla Promotions assisted in accomplishing these objectives during two months of activity in the USA and England.

The E-Show at Madison Square Garden was the kick-off. The night before the event, Street Guerilla artists used giant pieces of chalk to place huge iClips logos on sidewalks all around the Garden. This dramatically increased the number of visits to the iClips website and landed iClips a feature article in the London Financial Times!

Street Guerilla went to Streaming Media London with iClips to make as big an impact as was made in New York. We went to Earl's Court Convention Center the night before the show and distributed materials in branded jump suits.

Microsoft took offense to this (since a small company was overshadowing them) and had us “chased out” of the Center. We made such an impact, however, that, at the after-show party, a Street Guerilla Team of brand ambassadors dressed in iClips jumpsuits were invited to dance on stage with the professional dancers at the night club (no one else was allowed to do this). So, even more attention was drawn to iClips!

Street Guerilla and iClips in San Jose Next Stop: Internet World at the Javits Center in New York City. Our team of chalk artists drew giant iClips logos, along with the iClips booth number, on sidewalks from 10th to 11th Avenues on 34th and 35th Streets the night before the show. This made convention goers aware of iClips before they arrived at the event. When they got there, attendees were greeted by our iClips branded jumpsuit models who made themselves - and iClips - very visible as they circulated throughout the Javits Center.

At Streaming Media West in San Jose, Street Guerilla deployed a number of 70's-style Mod characters to draw more attention to iClips.

Branded jumpsuit models dressed in Mod outfits (bell bottoms, super high platforms, big afros - the works!) used video cameras to interview convention attendees. This generated a huge amount of attention for our client long after the event was over.

We created chalk art for the show and, to mollify the San Jose City Council, we drew further attention to iClips by scrubbing off the artwork while wearing our branded jumpsuits and handing out promotional literature to curious pedestrians.

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